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Updated: May 17, 2021

P.U.S.H Activewear X Splotchy Nature

Hello! My name is Brittney and I run a skincare website for people with plant allergens called Splotchy Nature. I’m here to shed some light on the importance of skincare before and after exercising; it can have a HUGE impact on the overall health & quality of your skin by practicing good skincare habits in conjunction with your fitness habits.

Washing your face is great before a workout, because then your skin is definitely free of dirt and residue from other parts of the day.

When you workout your pores “open up” because of sweat release. The dirt that is already on your face when working out has a larger opportunity to seep into your pores and clog them, causing breakouts and bacteria to grow. If you can’t wash your face beforehand because of time constraints or something else, I would recommend taking some Simple or CeraVe micellar water and cotton pads to use to wipe down your face and then rinsing with water. It’s not as good as simply washing your face but it’s absolutely better than nothing.

If you are someone who doesn’t feel comfortable going out into public without makeup or something on your face. Don’t worry I got you! I would recommend a tinted moisturizer or SPF. You wanna get something that says non-comedogenic. This is the word to look for on labels. It simply means it won’t (is at least less likely to) clog pores. For this I would recommend the ELF Active line. It’s formulated specifically for people on the go & people who workout. The brand carries a face mist, an eye and cheek palette, an eyeliner and a hydration stick, specifically formulated for exercising.

After working out, it is also recommended to wash your face again. This makes sure that sweat, dirt and residue from working out doesn’t have a chance to sit on the skin and clog pores. It’s best to use a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil’s cleanser or CeraVe. I also really like the foaming facial cleanser my dermatologist helped create called Aseptic MD. Then moisturizer should be used. Depending on the time of day, a moisturizer with SPF in it. CeraVe is super gentle and very good. Using ice or cold water after a workout to rinse your face could help reduce the redness that usually happens with sweating, so keep that in mind when washing your face after a workout, plus it could just feel nice.

Some good things to pack in a gym bag that could be helpful are toner pads or just some toner with cotton pads. This is really good for wiping down your neck and chest, and possibly boob sweat. This is just refreshing and can help reduce oil production. It's also recommended to bring your own personal gym/cooling towel. Simply because the towels that the gym provides could be washed with a detergent that your skin isn’t used to and could cause breakouts or an allergic reaction. A super fluffy, plush towel isn’t recommended but a paper-thin towel isn’t good either. I would recommend a microfiber towel since it’s fast absorbing and the right towel fabric.

Lastly, the two biggest things for working out! Number one, Don’t touch your face! It’s hard but the equipment could have possibly been touched by 100 people prior and maybe only half of them were good gym goers and wiped down the equipment afterwards, and that dirt is now on your face if you touch it. Secondly, keep any hair up and out of your face during a workout. A bun is strongly recommended if you have hair long enough to do so but a ponytail is acceptable as well.

Thank you to everyone at P.U.S.H Activewear for letting me guest post for you! I hope you all enjoyed my article!


Instagram: @splotchynature

Tiktok: @splotchynature

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