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PUSH Water Weights Aqua Bag, Workout Sandbag Alternative Strength Training

PUSH Water Weights Aqua Bag, Workout Sandbag Alternative Strength Training

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  • ➤EXPERIENCE THE FUN CHALLENGE OF A ‘LIVE’ WEIGHT – In contrast to ‘dead’ weights of Sand Bag, the water weights bag reacts to your every movement. Because of this, EVERY REPITITION IS DIFFERENT, an excellent challenge for muscles and motor to give different action to control each time. This trains athletes to be robust, promotes muscle growth for the fitness lover and trains good core balance.
  • ➤EASY TO SET UP & FILL — All you need to do is add air and water in the bags to get a full body workout. Our transparent bags are marked according to water level/weight, athletes can follow the indicator to see how many kilos of water is in the equipment based on the water level height, making adjusting the weight easy and available for anyone from beginners to pros to use. (Foot Pump included)
  • ➤PERFECT HOME FITNESS SOLUTION — Skip the gym and workout in the comfort, safety, and privacy of your home. The aqua bag is an all-in-one weightlifting bag that allows you to train anywhere. Filled with water, it is designed to accommodate all types of workouts. Best Fitness Gift for Christmas or Birthday, our fitness equipment is gift for all fitness fans.
  • ➤EXTREME DURABLE — With Heavy Duty Stitching& No-Leak Closure, the water weights bag is leakproof and heavy duty. 4 Handles to perform correct movement and ensure you have a firm but comfortable grip. every bag is rigorously inspected and tested to withstand 452 LBS of pure pulling power.
  • ➤GREAT SUBSTITUTE FOR SANDBAG — Used for the same purpose as sandbags, workout water bags are very convenient. When empty, the aqua bag becomes a small piece to stick it into your pack and go everywhere, light and portable. You can now easily stick with your fitness routine wherever you go!