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Present, at peace, and accounted for: Why we all should meditate.

unless you've lived in isolation, sheltered from modern pop culture and entertainment, it's almost a foregone conclusion that you've seen videos or images of the famous Shaolin monks sitting down, completely still, in criss-cross applesauce humming the mantra "ohmmmmmm" while they meditate. What people have yet to realize is that is a specific form of meditation called mantra meditation, in which one almost silently repeats a word or sound while remaining still and practicing mindfulness. This isn't the only form of meditation, albeit one of the most popular and easily identifiable forms.

aside from the well-known benefit of 'peace of mind', there are many other physical, mental, and spiritual benefits to meditation as well as numerous ways to practice. Understanding the connection between mind, body and spirit is essential to living a long, fulfilling life. The ability to manage stress, increased patience, focus, and keeping negative emotions to a minimum are all great benefits that come with consistent meditation.

according to the anxiety and depression association of america anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting nearly 40 million adults annually. While its unmistakingly a positive that we've been increasing awareness on the struggles of mental health, less than 37% of those suffering from these mental health issue receive treatment. although therapy is a well-known path to take, it isn't always easy for those struggling to get that sort of help; there are other ways to treat your anxiety and mental struggles though. Meditation, in short, is the practice of utilizing a technique whether it be still or in motion to focus the mind, and achieve mental clarity and inner peace.

Don't be mislead by what you've seen in movies; Meditation is simply an umbrella term that's used to describe a form of activity used to achieve balance and tranquility. Mantra Meditation tends to be the most recognized form of meditation in which one finds a comfortable position to sit or lie down and repeat a syllable, word, or short phrase as they meditate; this help to focus your attention and slow down your mental activity. If you're someone who tends to have a bit more trouble sitting still for longer periods of time, yoga, tai chi, or Qi Gong are excellent methods of meditation to clear your mind while focusing on the flow of energy throughout the body through specific movements. These movements focus primarily on balance, flexibility, and being present in the moment.

Although there is no singular way to cure someone's mental illnesses, taking 10-15 minutes out of your day to focus on meditation in any of the aforementioned ways can prove extremely beneficial to your well being. everyone is different so by all means, do your due diligence and research what meditation methods you think would work best for you. Find a quiet, peaceful location, get yourself in a comfortable position, and start your journey. Physical, Mental, and spiritual health all go hand in hand, and there is no shame in struggle; only shame in not committing to seek help and progress.

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